Short description of the project:

 The municipality of Elva, in cooperation with six counties of South Estonia, organizes an international sports festival in connection with the title of European Sports City of Elva 2021, the purpose of which is to promote healthy lifestyles and promote exercise through an exciting program. The event provides useful knowledge from specialists in their field both from Estonia and abroad. High-level sports competitions, workshops, trainings, an international conference and a sports fair take place at the Estonian Movement and Sports Festival.


Aim of the project:

The aim of the project is to promote active lifestyles and exercise through an exciting program and thereby improve public health in the Baltics. With the help of the organized event, we would like to draw attention to sports tourism as one of the important reasons for traveling to South Estonia. In the form of sports tourism, we are dealing with travel, where there is the greatest motivation and with the help of which the development of the region can be consciously revived. By bringing people interested in exercise and a healthy lifestyle to the region from our neighboring countries, everyone wins (our entrepreneurs, other cities and Estonia as a destination in general). Visitors from Latvia, Lithuania and the Nordic countries will gain new knowledge and spend an enjoyable weekend in South Estonia. The region of South Estonia will gain more recognition and economic benefits.

Estonian Business and Innovation Agency supports the Estonian Movement and Sports Festival 2022 event with 19,376.60 euros through the European Regional Development Fund.