Sustainable Festival

Sport plays an important role in our journey towards a better future, and in today’s world, sports event organisers are expected to combine environmental and social sustainability practices. It is important to us to organise Estonia’s first Sports and Movement Festival in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. We care about the environment, our ecological footprint and the social aspects of sustainability.

Major events inevitably have a significant impact on the environment, for example through the generation of waste. By taking care of the environment and our ecological footprint, we take responsibility ourselves and hope to set a positive example for our visitors.

Sustainability for the Estonian Sports and Movement Festival is not only about caring for the environment, but also about tolerance, openness and caring for others and, above all, for oneself.


Our festival places a strong emphasis on healthy food and local ingredients. There’s something for everyone on the menu of the food service providers. Meat-free meals are also available.

We want to minimise waste generation during the festival. That’s why we use reusable dishes at the festival. Our partner for reusable dishes is Ringo Eco (link). Used dishes must be placed in the yellow collection boxes provided.


We recommend alternative and environmentally friendly solutions and ways to travel to the festival. Elva has good train and bus connections to more distant cities and surrounding areas. We also invite you to use carpooling if you arrive by car and give a lift to your friends. Elva is great for walking or cycling, and this is the best way to discover our beautiful town. Scooters as well as fatbikes can be rented in the town and in the festival area.


We are collecting bio-waste, household waste and tare separately in all areas of the festival, for this purpose trash cans with corresponding markings have been installed in the festival areas. In the central square, where there are more activities, water is collected separately.

also glass and cardboard. We really hope that all visitors will comply with the requirements and together we can make a sustainable and environmentally friendly festival. By sorting garbage, you can make your own small contribution to the world around us.


  • Re-use your crockery and drinking cups! Rinse them if necessary.
  • Bring your own drinking bottle to the festival. Use tap water instead of bottled water – you can find water points in the festival area.
  • Choose the right bin for your food waste, deposit packaging and mixed waste!
  • Use environmentally friendly transport – come by foot, bike, train or bus. If you come by car, please give a lift to your friends who are also going to the Elva Sports and Movement Festival.
  • When you leave the festival, take with you a burst of inspiration to start developing green habits and be kinder to the environment and yourself. Exercise and move. We care about each other!