The largest Baltic and first Estonian Movement and Sports Festival welcomes you in Elva on 30 and 31 July!

This is a unique and first-ever family movement and sports festival, where you can try new and well-known sports, buy sports and training equipment at the fair, meet Estonian sports heroes, participate in and watch various competitions, learn new things at the conference and enjoy a nice concert with Traffic and other performers. The festival is organised in cooperation with six South-Estonian counties.

For whom?

People of all ages are welcome to the Estonian Movement and Sports Festival. The festival offers you a chance to try out some of the more exciting sports you might not normally have dared to try. For example, you can take part in soap hockey, beach indiaca, or explore the world of e-sports. Come and try your hand at beach volleyball, archery, paddling, tennis and much more. You can find more options in the programme.

What goes on?

The festival will host the stages of several series of competitions. For example, on 30 July, more than 1,000 cyclists will start a race in Elva, and there will be a spectacular Strength Series competition. The exciting obstacle course race Battle for Life and the Estonian Championships in Kiiking will also be held. Fans of basketball and extreme sports will also get their share. Exciting discussions at the conference and a nice summer concert in Elva’s central square are just waiting for you to attend, think and experience. The sports festival is free for everyone.   Participation in competitions is subject to the organiser’s rules.